Is marijuana really getting rescheduled?

Is marijuana really getting rescheduled?
There’s been a lot of people talking about the DEA rescheduling marijuana. Most of you are probably asking, is this real or just another rumor? The answer is yes and no. The FDA sent a letter to the DEA saying marijuana should be rescheduled. The FDA is basically saying we can’t deny the fact marijuana has medicinal properties anymore. The response from the DEA was pretty much we might, we might not. They also said they would have a decision within the first six months of 2016, but we haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully, they will come out with their decision soon.
What schedule is marijuana right now?
As of right now marijuana is a schedule I drug with ecstasy and LSD. If a drug is a schedule I the DEA says it has no medicinal values whatsoever and is one of the most dangerous drugs. Just to put that in perspective cocaine is a schedule II drug. Basically, by keeping marijuana, a schedule I the DEA is saying cocaine is better and less harmful to your health than marijuana. You would think with all the studies showing the benefits of marijuana, that they would have no choice but to reschedule or even de-schedule it. But hey it’s better late than never right?
If the DEA does reschedule marijuana what would change?
If marijuana does get rescheduled, the most likely class they would move it to is schedule II, this would put marijuana with cocaine and opiates like OxyContin, Which would be good and bad. On one hand, they are acknowledging the fact marijuana can be used as a medicine. On the other hand, it’s still illegal, and the FDA would be putting dispensaries under more scrutiny. If an MMJ clinic says, an individual strain will help relieve pain, but the FDA hasn’t found enough proof that marijuana is a good pain reliever. The dispensary owner could face prison time and hefty fines. If that happened to most dispensaries, they would be put out of business, and we want to grow our small business not hinder them. Another possibility is the DEA completely de-scheduling marijuana. That would put it on the same level as alcohol and tobacco. It’s very unlikely but hey crazier things have happened right? For the time being, we’ll have to just watch and wait to see what the DEA decides to do. That’s all I’ve got today leave a comment below and let me know what you think is going to happen. Below is a video I found that goes over rescheduling marijuana.

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Taking the first steps to start growing your own cannabis

Today I’m going to talk about growing your own cannabis. Most people have tossed the idea around but not many actually take on the task. It can be overwhelming if you’ve never grown before, but there are a lot of benefits to taking the dive and growing your own.

If you have never grown cannabis before then you should do some research on growing techniques and grow setups High times has a lot of great articles on different techniques and the best setup for the first time grower HIgh times beginners grow guide. Here’s a link to a good article for new growers If you know nothing about seeds and different marijuana strains then you should definitely check out this guide we’ve dug up on buying marijuana seeds and seed strains. This is great for someone that’s never bought seeds on-line before Your true buds seed and strain guide. Both of those guides will get you off on the right track as far as what you’ll need to buy before you get started.

Now I’ll talk about some of the benefits of growing your own. The biggest benefit for me is I don’t have to question what’s going into my bud. Every time I spark one I know it’s going to have exactly what it should in it. I always know there’s not going to be any harmful pesticides or nasty molds that can actually make you sicker. Another big factor is you’ll save a lot of money on your weed bill and that money can go on new pieces SHWEEETTT. If you plan on growing just enough for your self then the price per gram is going to be a lot lower than going to a dispensary or some random guy you met at the party last week. Granted that guy is awesome but hey I like saving money. Another one is you can change it up if you want to try a full sativa grow it, full indica? Just grow it. It’s completely up to you so you never have to settle for something that you really don’t want. Plus, I just love watching my little ladies grow, and who wouldn’t? Growing cannabis is a great hobby. I wish everyone could grow their own and experience that first toke of a freshly cured batch that you grew yourself.

A couple downfalls are it isn’t going to be an instant thing. You will have to put some time and energy into these little ladies. I say it’s more than worth it, but hey that’s just my take. You’re probably going to mess up the first time. That’s why you have to do research and learn the ropes before you completely dive in. If you stick to it, I promise you’ll be happy you did.


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